Happy Hoes – We Rule The World

Usually when I’m bored I troll around various dance charts on Billboard and iTunes, mostly because you never know what kind of trashy delights you’ll find.

Of course, the minute I saw the artist name Happy Hoes it caught my attention. I know, I know – I should resist this sort of trash and leave it to the professionals, but since when did I ever listen to good advice? Imagine my surprise when it turned out that Happy Hoes weren’t some nobodies who had discovered a hot trashy beat – there were somebodies (well, sort of) who had  discovered a hot trashy beat! Happy Hoes actually consists of Dominika and La Camilla from Army of Lovers and one of Sweden’s more famous drag queens Miss Inga. Hell, it’s not even their first release as a group as they had “Don’t Steal My Limelight” out around the same time last year – although they went by Miss Inga feat. La Camilla and Dominika back then.

Both “We Rule The World” and “Don’t Steal My Limelight” are out on iTunes right now.