Anyone remember “The Heights”?

Sometimes you remember random things from your childhood and one of those things for me is “The Heights” – it was an Aaron Spelling teen drama that obviously tried to feed off the giant success of “Beverly Hills” – sadly, it wasn’t meant to be and it was cancelled during 1992 November sweeps after just having produced 13 episodes.

Despite it having less-than-stellar ratings, the fictional band in the series, also called “The Heights” and had Jamie Walters (who later went on to push Donna down the stairs on the original 90210 – rude!) as the lead-singer, managed to achieve a number one single with the song “How Do You Talk To An Angel”:


It really is too bad that Fox are so quick to pull the trigger sometimes – the show had to have something salvagable if it managed to get a number one record! Or maybe I’m just a bit delusional and don’t really remember how bad the show actually was.