90s sensations Daze make a comeback

If you lived in Denmark in the late 90s and were in a mixed girl/boy group that weren’t Aqua, the odds was that you were in Daze – a group that were basically accused of being a carbon copy of the former. Hey, it’s not their fault that they happened to have a funky haired songstress and a bald guy in the group! Oh and some other guy also. I digress. They coincidentally made their debut with “Super Hero” just a few short months after Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” made a huge splash. Despite all accusations of plagiarism, “Super Hero” managed to be a hit and still manages to be somewhat of a drunken favourite of mine. Yep, I have no shame! However, it was the hilariously outdated “Tamagotchi” (later renamed “Together Forever (Cyber Pet Song)” after they realised that people didn’t know what a tamagotchi was) that made the biggest impact and remains their biggest hit to date.

After Aqua’s comeback attempt last year wasn’t very successful, you’d think that would put Daze off from trying – and if you did you thought wrong. They just released their new single titled “Fool Me” yesterday in Scandinavia and are currently on the road as a part of a 90s nostalgia tour. Maybe it’s Daze’s turn to shine now that Aqua’s out of the way?

It’s yet to be put on YouTube or Soundcloud, but there is a listenable sample of it here.