Not So Grumpy

After Dub Sweden’s incredibly overhyped and overrated debut album I had kind of written them off, so I was surprised when they managed to release a decent second album in 2006 (has it been five six years already?). Besides the incredibly cute lead single “We’re So Loud“, they actually managed to put some decent album tracks on there too – the electro-pop midtempo “Secretly In Love” would’ve been hailed as Kylie’s opus if put on one of her albums and the thumping “Too Fast Too Big” is clearly dedicated to all those “nine inch” “tops” on Grindr. Yes, those that always come with a special air of disappointment. Anyway, enough about my depraved sex life. The real star of the show here is the amazing album opener “I’m Not So Grumpy Anymore”, a song that’s essentially about not being such a fucking grouch and appreciating the small things in life. Of course, the message never sticks with me for more than the length of the song, but during those three minutes and sixteen seconds I’m the god damn nicest person in town.

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