Motormouf aka Khia Shamone review

Over two years after it first was announced, Khia has finally released her fourth album Motormouf aka Khia Shamone on her own label Thugmisses Entertainment.  As amazing as I think Khia is on Twitter and in her annual 4th of July blogs, I think it’s sometimes easy to forget that Khia really is a talented rapper and producer – she ain’t called Queen of South for nothing, you know. Say what you will, but if you take away RedOne and the wigs from Nicki Minaj, all you’ll have left is a lethargic bag of silicone who can’t freestyle for shit, while Khia whips up the best diss anthem of the year on a whim.

At a whopping eighteen tracks plus four interludes, one might feel that the album is a bit long – but in the digital era does that really matter? After all, everyone makes their own playlists these days and none of the tracks are really bad, so why not give us value for our $9.99? The only track I could’ve done without is the Lil’Kim diss “Fix Ya Face”, but that’s mostly because it’s placed quite oddly on the album between two sex jams. Is the Queen of South trying to subliminally tell us something? She’s truly an enigma I’ll never fully figure out.

Speaking of said sex jams, they give Khia an opportunity to flex her vocals muscles a bit, showing us that there’s more than one side to this pussy-popping rapper – both “Cum To Mama” and “Dickmatize” are songs Janet would’ve killed to have on one of her latest albums. No wonder she felt the need to put Khia on that damn tv – her raw sexuality would’ve probably outshined Janet’s sad attempts to play a seductress. “Are you on your way babe? / ’cause I’m hot and I’m haunted babe / Need to give me what I need / Satisfaction guaranteed” the sexy singer croons, “I’m waiting for you to dickmatize me“. Who said romance was dead?


To say that the promo singles still sounds as fresh as ever is an understatement – the #97 R&B hit “Been A Bad Girl” still sounds like a proper mainstream radio hit, while “So Addicted” and “Pay Yo Pussy Bill” remain delightfully naughty treats. However, the real stand out on the album is “Fall Back” – a smooth affair that will be a favourite of mine for many summers to come. “Started off in December / Made it straight through the winter / Played games in the spring / Summer you did your thing / Looking forward to fall / So through it all / Just fall back“, she softly sings with a surprising conviction. Anyone’s who’s ever blamed Khia for being one-note needs to take a listen!


Other notable tracks includes the gender-bender “Turn Me Out” – “Sometimes I feel like a girl / Sometimes I feel like a boy / Sometimes I dress like a girl / Sometimes I dress like a boy“, thugmisses informs us. “Sometimes I fuck like a girl / Sometimes I fuck like a boy / Tell me what you like / And I will give you more“. It’s followed by the banger “Got Me Fucked Up”, which is basically a mission statement for the raunchy rapper – “I keep ’em haters talkin’ / ‘cos they gon’ talk anyway / And I don’t care what they say / Just as long as I get paid“.

If you couldn’t tell by the title, “Lick Me Dry” is a proper return to her dirty roots and “Sit Yo Ass Down” is Khia at her bad-ass best. “A boss bitch / I’m the queen with the fucking crown / And when I step up in the club / Sit yo ass down“, she demands. The album ends with the floor filler “K-Wang 2.0”, which is a nice throwback to her debut album.

My final verdict? Buy it, buy it now!

Motormouf aka Khia Shamone is out on iTunes worldwide now.

  • Donmotivation1

    Khia is very talented ! We all admit ! Shouts out Thugtress ! Keep maken the best Hits ! Im impress ! Female Hip hop artist of the South much RESPECT . STREET TEAM . Khia… I will grab one off the shelf when you drop & come out!