Top 5 girl groups that need to make a comeback

I’m sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days, but I’ve been completely obsessing over everyone’s favourite Sugababes’ line-up Mutya Keisha Siobhan reforming. Since this stunning announcement I’ve been thinking about what other failed hugely successful girl groups need to reform – so here’s my top five list:

5. Smoke2Seven 

Badly named girl group Smoke2Seven were launched around the time Sugababes made it big back in 2002 – while “Freak Like Me” hit the top spot under a  month later, Smoke2Seven’s attitude-laden debut single just made the top 30, entering the UK charts at #27. Not getting the message that no one cared, they tried unleashing another single titled “Envy” which failed to enter any chart. Their debut album “Fighting Fires” was put on the shelf, although I’m hearing that there’s a bootleg version floating around “out there”. Ironically, two members of the trio ended up writing a b-side for one of the less successful versions of the Sugababes.


4.  The 411

Unlike some of other entries on this list, The 411 actually had a promising start – their debut single “On My Knees” went straight in at #4 and the follow-up “Dumb” improved on that position by one spot. However, it all started going sour once the underrated third single “Teardrops” failed to enter the UK top 20 and their debut album stalled at a miserable #46 on the charts. The quartet were soon dropped by their record label and despite several attempts to reform the group as recently as 2007 under the name “Sunshyne” nothing ever surfaced from them again. A shame.


3. NG3

This trio first made their debut on the Swedish charts in 2002 with their single “Tell Me”, which entered the lower top 20 at #17, managing to stay on the charts for, er, 17 weeks. When their second single “The Anthem” managed to make it all the way to the runner-up position it seemed like they were on their way on making it big. Unfortunately, their third single only made it to the familiar #17 position and their debut album failed to chart within the top 60. After a collaboration with Snap! in 2004, they seemingly fell off the radar and broke up a year later.


2. The Graaf Sisters Graaf

Technically a duo, these busty beauties are due for another go after they cut their music career tragically short in 2001. Earning fame in the late 90s as silicone-fueled glamour models, they of course did what any aspiring celebrity do and went on to record an album, strategically named “Graaf Sisters”.  Their 1998 debut single “Give It Up” entered the Swedish top ten, but it’s their second single “You Got (What I Want)” that went on to become a modern day gay club classic. Their third single “Never Never” only went as high as #16 and the fourth single “Heartbreaker” failed to enter the Swedish top 60. Hannah Graaf did enter Melodifestivalen back in 2006 with laidback retro entry “Naughty Boy”, but both the Graaf sisters have been missing in action on the music scene since then.


1. Vanilla

After their game changing smash hit single “No Way No Way” in 1997, it seemed like Vanilla were on their way to becoming bigger than the Beatles! Sadly, this never happened and after their underrated top 40 hit “True To Us” didn’t match the success of it’s predecessor their album was shelved. Hopefully, one day Simon Cowell will wake up and make one of these hot babes a X-Factor judge and the Vanilla album will finally be unleashed on the unsuspecting world. My vote goes to the giggling blonde!